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Achieving wellness and vitality through holistic care


Sharon Forbes

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“Where ever the art of (nature’s) medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity” - Hippocrates.

This is true for the approach taken in the care of everyone who comes to my clinic. 

I am the mother of 4 beautiful children and the grandmother of  2 most wonderful grandchildren. All my life I have fought to understand my own immune system disorders and fertility difficulties, having my first ovarian cyst removed before the age of 13yr's. In raising my  children I have had a number of challenges and battles with lack of understanding within the mainstream health industry. This has led me to my passion to help others.


I started in animal health and well being with studying Animal Husbandry through the university of Queensland and then went on to study human health through naturopathy, finding it to be the only way to get my own health journey back on track. I have been very fortunate to have Ruth and Dennis Sharkey, founders of Tallebudgera Herbs as my mentors (they are now retired from that business) to continue to increase my knowledge and understanding in the use of herbs and homeopathic's, getting the best results for my clients.

For over 10 years, I have been a strong advocate and dedicated provider of naturopathic and natural health care services through The Healthy Nest Natural Health Clinic, which is now set on a beautiful 100 acre property just out side of the lovely hamlet of Crows Nest.

Whether you are recovering from illness, wanting to discover or maintain a healthier lifestyle, or simply increase your wellbeing and vitality, I am ready to assist you on your journey. 


Modalities used in my naturopathic healing include - Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology,Vitamin and Mineral Therapy, Flower Essences, Homeopathic's, Massage, Reki. These therapies are available in clinic, via Skype and telephone consultations and I am also able to provide Home visits in special circumstances.   


I believe we achieve wellness and vitality through holistic care, and am so passionate about helping you (and your animals) in finding health, happiness and wellbeing. I look forward to helping you on your journey.

In Love, Health and Healing



 *Also specialist in natural animal husbandry and equine care.* 

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Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

With a gentle yet powerful holistic approach

 helping find your balance in-

Digestion/Gut Health

Methods used for digestive and gut repair include modification of dietary habits, herbal remedies, lifestyle habits. Every person is individual and healing can take a matter of months or chronic conditions may need ongoing long term support.

Fatigue/Low Energy

Low energy and fatigue can be supported and overcome with the help of herbal and nutritional medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes, thoughtful exercise. General acute low energy/fatigue can be overcome in a very short period of time. Depending on the cause, and if the fatigue is chronic, then longer term support may be needed.

Detoxification/parasite cleanse

Most of us are overburden with parasites and don't even know it. As we cleanse our bodies of the parasites, we need to support the detoxification the body will go through. You can not properly detox if you are carrying a parasite burden. This is a gentle process using herbs, nutritional supplements, chelators, to support the body to safely expel these toxic substances - and help you feel great again. 

Women's & Men's Health

Both women and men are feeling the pressures of our society today. Women carry a great weight in our society - working, caring for their family and loved ones first and sacrificing their own needs.This can put a lot of pressure on their bodies, and as their bodies are more complex then mens, they can suffer a wider variety of health problems due to endocrine disruption which cause hormonal imbalances. This will affect your mood, vitality, skin, menstrual cycle, fertility and more. Men are also carrying many pressures of financially and emotionally supporting their families, and fitting into this changing world. Men have not traditionally been great at looking after their health. We are seeing more fertility disorders, younger prostate problems for them, depression and other emotional/mental health issues. With the support of herbs, nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can feel balanced, vibrant, whole and functional again. 


Diet plays a major role in how our bodies and brains function - the physical and emotional. In todays world of high stress and convenience it can be hard to determine what is truely nutritious and healing for our bodies. Let's get back to what nature intended - clean, nutritious, healing foods.


Lifestyle and nutrition play a big role in how our bodies deal with stress. Support in changing some of these habits, along with some herbal supplements, and support from other modalities where needed, can make a big change in thought patterns and behaviours to bring positive changes.

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I have used Saw Palmetto for a number of years with good results, but of recent times it seems to have stopped working. Got a bottle of magic herbs from Sharon and WOW!!what a relief, best result ever. Have recommended to friends to see Sharon and they got the same pleasing result. Genie in a bottle - Ian M. Brisbane QLD.

— Ian M

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1-2hrs        $150
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Follow Up
30 - 60min   $70
Subject to change.
May incur travel charges.
Homemade Remedies
Back Massage
Massage -
30min         $ 50
60min         $ 70
90min         $ 90
120min       $120
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