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Your Ultimate Guide for Healthy Living

  • Sharon Forbes

Breakfast Time Blues.....

So many of us now, are becoming more aware of how foods are affecting our lives, whether through our own personal body experience or with family members suffering in a myriad of different ways. It is a big step to decide to make changes to our "normal" or traditional ways of eating. And little ones in the house hold can be very sensitive to having changes made to what they think of as the norm.

Look, as a practitioner, I can tell you it is not always easy to inform a patient about dietary changes, either for themselves or for that very special family member. I see the cringe, the looks of shock and horror, and hear all the reasons why this is not going to work.

Now if I had my way, it would all be done, just simply happen and let's get on with it right??!! Well hell no!

It is not that easy, asking people to go cold turkey, and unless we are in dire straights not always necessary.

I remember my journey and I was a really good addict, dear lord how I loved everything I should not have been eating.

As a good little scot's mans daughter, I LOVED my porridge in the morning - those lovely creamy oats......

After many years of working on my own digestive problems, I am just coming to having the occasional alternative breakfast cereal. And I still miss those oats that don't love me at all.

So, I have made up a cereal that I can eat a couple of times per week at this moment in time, and get away with it. And if I didn't know better I would tell you I was eating oats.

So I figured for those who want to make small changes in the household, getting the kids to eat a much healthier breakfast cereal that tastes great, this could be a great place to start. You can play with this and add some really nice flavours with your spices - for example- cinnamon, ginger, make your own turmeric chai mix and add some of that. You can also add in pepitas, cranberries, raisins (rather then saltanas), berries, almond flakes, get the idea. Then top off with some coconut yoghurt. Cooking the porridge in coconut milk is great and tasty and a good step toward getting away from dairy, and having good fats that also help to keep you satisfied. Do just try to keep the dried fruit to a minimum, it is concentrated sugar, and unless organic probably has sulphates as a preservative. Have fun with this and let me know what your favourite mix is. Look forward to hearing from you :)

**Oh by the way, please don't use the coconut milk in the cartons. Look at the ingredients- it is really rice milk with just a touch of the real thing in there. Try making your own with dried coconut or use the tinned milk, which can be watered down if it is rich.**


300gms Rice Flakes

150gms Amaranth flakes

100gms Quinoa flakes

200gms shredded coconut

2 slightly rounded tablespoons Coconut sugar

(a good tablespoon of cinnamon goes really well into this mix)

Add in your extra spices for flavour.

This can be a good mix to add into making biscuits and slices. Just remember to add in a lot more moisture as it soaks it up pretty well - makes good cookies though.

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